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    Dio - Logo hihamerkki

    Merkin koko on 5 x 9 cm.

    Ompele tai tämän merkin voit myös silittää kiinni.

    The logo for the band Dio is a stylized version of the word "DIO" in all capital letters. The logo features a large, ornate "D" with a cross extending from the top of the letter and wrapping around the top and sides of the "I". The "O" is represented by a circle with a smaller cross inside it, and the whole logo is framed by an oval shape.The logo was designed by artist and illustrator Steve Huston, who worked closely with Ronnie James Dio, the band's lead singer and namesake, to create the design. The logo has become an iconic symbol of the band and is often associated with the heavy metal and hard rock genres. It has been used on album covers, merchandise, and promotional materials throughout the band's history.