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    Lone Wolf Usa liivimerkki

    Iso kaarimerkki liimalla.  Selkämerkin koko 10 x 25 cm.

    Ompele tai tämän merkin voit myös silittää kiinni.

    Suunniteltu - ajateltu liivin tai rotsin yläosaan.

    Designed to go on the upper back of your vest. Look for Center Piece and Lower Rocker Patches to make it a 3 piece Biker Vest.

    If you are a Lone Wolf then this is the perfect patch for you. This beautifully embroidered 10 x 4 inch patch in white and red lettering will look amazing on the back of your jacket or vest. So if you want everyone to know how you feel, then the ‘Live to Ride Usa’ patch is ideal. Perfect positioning of this brand new, never before sewn patch would be the top of your clothing at the back due to the way it arches up.